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  • AHB Facebook - Great New Class

    AHB Facebook - Great New Class

    "Great class within an awesome group of..."

    More on AHB Facebook page...
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    Re: AHB Facebook - Great New Class

    "Sportsman Entry" Great new class.!!

    SE Flat-bottoms... The newest inboard class to the APBA, "Sportsman's Entry" powered by a 350 CI small block Chevy engine regulated to 85 MPH top speed on GPS. Class was designed to be affordable and get the old boats back on the water!
    I've always liked the idea of a flat with small block, & now they have created a class for it.!
    It's not drag racing, but it's still cool.. Similar to Craftsman Truck series. lol

    Would be cool to have something similar in quarter mile.. limited to naturally aspirated, iron headed, 350 CI small blocks (also iron), can't really limit MPH tho. lol

    If interested they have their own Facebook page to help get the word out..


    SE (Sportsman Entry) is an entry level class intended to promote a fun, affordable class with a maximum speed of 85 mph
    using only GM or Ford cast iron small block and cast iron heads derived from passenger or truck model vehicles sold in North
    America (on road vehicles only), and abiding by inboard runabout and safety rules.

    55.1 General Rules

    55.1.1 A prop shaft release is recommended but not required until Jan. 2016.

    55.1.2 Maximum speed of 85 mph is allowed. Starts may be either clock start or flag start. For flag start lane selection shall be by draw. A GPS may be run in a heat of racing to determine speeds that may require the use of a restrictor plate. Because this is a speed limited class, there shall be no competition or kilo records kept.

    55.1.3 Minimum length of an SE hull is 16 feet.

    55.1.4 Minimum width of a SE hull is 72 inches.

    55.1.5 Hulls under these minimums which competed in an older racing class are to be grandfathered. Contact the Class
    Chairman for confirmation.

    55.1.6 Minimum weight, including driver and safety equipment shall be 1850 pounds weighed immediately after a heat of
    racing, after draining the hull of water.

    55.1.7 If a hull with a safety capsule participates, it must start and race from the outside.

    55.1.8 SE boats are to run with only two-bladed propellers.

    55.2 Hull Configuration

    55.2.1 The hull must conform to the flatbottom hull requirements as specified in the Technical Manual for the Inspection
    of Racing Runabouts. Non-current hulls which do not conform to these specifications may be exempted by petition to the
    Class Chairman.

    55.2.2 All fins shall be mounted between the chines on the underside of the hull.

    55.3 Engine

    55.3.1 General Notes No titanium engine parts are allowed.

    55.3.2 Block Assembly. Any GM cast iron small block or Ford cast iron Windsor small block engine block designed for
    general automotive or truck use may be used.

    55.3.3 Bore and Stroke.. Maximum Bore x Stroke is 4.065” x 3.500”

    55.3.4 Crankshaft. Any aftermarket crankshaft may be used.

    55.3.5 Pistons. Only flat top pistons with valve relief(s) are permitted. Any aftermarket pistons may be used..

    55.3.6 Connecting Rods. Any aftermarket steel connecting rods may be used.

    55.3.7 Cylinder Heads. Only stock GM or Ford Windsor cylinder heads with in-line valves.may be used. No porting, polishing, or grinding is permitted in ports or combustion chambers. Heads shall have a maximum intake runner volume of 170 cc Combustion chamber volume using compressed gaskets and deck height shall meet the following

    Compressed Gasket and Deck Height in Inches

    Minimum Volume in cc’s

    0.100” - 56 cc (GM 305 Head only)

    0.085" - 64 cc

    0.070” - 68 cc

    0.055” - 72 cc

    0.040” - 76 cc

    55.3.8 Camshaft and Valve Train Camshafts. Only flat tappet camshaft and lifters may be used. Either hydraulic or mechanical lifters with a maximum diameter of 0.843” for GM or
    0.876" for Ford may be used. Maximum lift, measured at the valve, shall not exceed 0.450” (lift is to be inspected @zero
    lash).. Timing Chain. Use of any chain set or gear drive of dual idler design only is permitted. Valves. All steel or stainless steel valves with a minimum valve stem diameter of 11/32” with a
    minimum 0.340/0.341 stem diameter Maximum diameter of intake valve is 1.945” for GM .GM 305 heads and Ford heads
    1.845". Maximum diameter of exhaust valve is 1.505” for GM and 1.545" for Ford. Valve Springs. Valve springs shall have a maximum diameter of 1.260” for GM and 1.445" for
    Ford.. Rocker Arms. Roller type rocker arms with a maximum ratio of 1.52 for GM or 1.60 for Ford may be
    used.(Lift at cam x 1.5 for GM or 1.60 for Fords helps determine legal rocker ratios) may be used. Studs and/or guide plates with 5/16” pushrods may be used. Adjusting Nut.. Any adjusting nut, posi loc, strut girdle may be used. No shaft type rocker assy

    55.3.9 Intake System Intake Manifold. Any production style as cast/as produced iron or aluminum intake manifold may be used Sheetmetal or tunnel ram style intake manifolds are expressly prohibited. Other Intake System A carburetor spacer is required; it shall have a minimum thickness of 0.500” (including gaskets) and
    a maximum thickness of 2.25” (including gaskets. The spacer may be wedge shaped, if desired, providing it fits
    within the above envelope. A restrictor plate, if required, shall be in addition to this thickness. The intake manifold may be matched or blended to the carburetor spacer. Use of any intake scoop, velocity stack, and/or air cleaner is permitted.

    55.3.10 Fuel System Carburetor Carburetor is to be a Holley #4776. Only the following dimensions are to be inspected. Maximum venturi diameters:

    Primary/Secondary = 1.265”/1.3275” Maximum throttle plate bore is 1.5675” Fuel and Fuel System Any pump gas may be used, including E85. See Rule 40.18.12 Any fuel pump is permitted

    55.3.11 Ignition. Ignition system may be either points-type system or HEI system Electronic ignition systems are not permitted. Pertronix distributor points conversions may be used. Any plug wires may be used. Firing order is to be 18436572 for GM and 13726548 for Ford.

    55.3.12 Exhaust. Any manifold or steel header with a collecter of the standard straight style may be used No multi-step or 180 degree systems may be used, single step permitted.

    55.3.13 Lubrication System. A wet sump system with the oil pump mounted in the stock location is required. Any oil pan is permitted Accusump systems are permitted

    55.3.14 Other Specifications gasket may be used. Vacuum pumps are not allowed. Use of a heavy duty/SFI flexplate or aluminum flywheel is recommended.

    55.4 Class Chairman.

    55.4.1 The Class Chairman is Paul Grichar. He may be contacted at

    55.4.2 Vice Chair is Dave Weber who may be contacted at

    55.4.3 The class shall be directed by the Class Chairman and Vice-Chairman through 31 October 2016.

    55.4.4 Rule change proposals for this class shall be submitted to the Class Chairman.


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      Re: AHB Facebook - Great New Class

      Thats Great!! where are these going to run? much as I like the drag boats these guys kick-ass!!
      They remined me of sprint cars..


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        Re: AHB Facebook - Great New Class

        Originally posted by Gone Green View Post
        Thats Great!! where are these going to run? much as I like the drag boats these guys kick-ass!!
        They remined me of sprint cars..
        That's what im sayin.. These are more like Craftsman Trucks.


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          Re: AHB Facebook - Great New Class

          this looks like it could be a lot of fun to race!
          1978 21' Tahiti SC 460 Panther Jet


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            Re: AHB Facebook - Great New Class

            Nice picture!!! I think I've seen that one somewhere before.

            It's a great class to watch. Of course, all the classes are awesome. Can't wait for Burley again this year!!!