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  • Need your help with this...

    Ok so i started a "Wiki" section of the site, & i need info.. There is very little info online that i can find so i need you old f*kers to start spewing all the info you have about any Boat, Pump, Drive, Trailer, Seating, Etc..

    Just about any kind of info can be helpful/useful.

    For those that dont know what a Wiki is.. try this to get an idea -

    It's just a F*kload of info, but we want it to be as accurate as possible.

    If any one wants to start a New Thread go for it. Just use the title of the thread for what the info is about. And add any GOOD info you can to the messege..

    Title: Belmont Boats

    Belmont Boats
    2006 W. Belmont Ave
    Fresno CA 93728

    Belmont made boats from 1966-1997
    Flats - 1966-1978
    Jets - 1967 - 1987

    Switched owners in ...
    Originally started in ...
    Switched locations in ....
    Owner was blah blah blah
    Boats were known for blah blah blah
    Etc.. Etc..

    Belmont Boats closed down in the 90's (maybe later), & is now just a repair shop called Belmont Marine
    None of this info is very accurate, im just using it as an example..

    I dont want people to type stuff they aren't at least 90% sure of.. we can post things & other people can help nail down details, but i dont want just a bunch of he said she said. lol

    It can be about any boat maker, part maker engine builder, etc.. just no need for ocean cruiser or ski boat info. (For instance Sanger is still in business, but we dont need to know that they still make ski boats)

    FYI, they are going to make some more Mini-Cruisers.!! (

    Once we get some good info going i'll add it all to the wiki section & open it to the public for all to read, & add to it.!!

    Rome wasn't built in a day, but we'll get it done.

    Any questions post a reply here.. The only stupid question is the one you dont ask.

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    Re: Need your help with this...

    All of a sudden, no one knows anything eh.. lol


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      Re: Need your help with this...

      Do we get extra credit points?
      1978 21' Tahiti SC 460 Panther Jet


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        Re: Need your help with this...

        I just thought it would be cool to have our own little "jet boat wikipedia".

        There is a add-on for this site that puts all the info into a very handy platform. So before i used it i wanted to have a decent base to start with.

        Maybe if i start some specific threads people will add to them, i'll give that a try.

        Anyone, feel free to add any info (facts, not opinions) to any of the wiki threads.


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          Re: Need your help with this...

          I dont get it?:w2:
          Ever wonder why boogers only smell after you pick em?